Tuesday, February 15, 2011

awesome night with friends

Some Night

Darkness falls,
Drinks fill,
Quickly building a tab bill.

People laugh,
Glass clinks,
Gone before I blink.

Beer flows,
Cocktail woes,
To the bathroom everyone goes.

Food fried,
Absorbs the toxin,
Otherwise people be boxin’.

Round table,
Happy faces,
Not one of our usual places.

Rocks glisten,
Among amber,
Wondering if we’ll remember.

Server recommends more,
We go again for another score.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crazy Poem!!

I was challenged to incorporate several strange things into one poem.

List of things that needed to be in it...

I think the poem came out pretty interesting, and I enjoyed writing it.

A Dream?

I lie there slumbering, underneath the stars.
In a setting perfect for taboo dinner bells.
Hopefully, my neighbors are satisfied tonight.

I lie there securely cocooned, in my bedding.
My bulldog lounges curled at my feet. Snoring.
He is an unmovable lump.

I lie there happy, until I hear my sister’s shriek.
She flees to the corner of the tent. Crouched.
Time smash her new bedmate.

A Spider. 

Winter inspired poems

Well here some short poems inspired by winter.  I wanted to focus on different structure styles.

Enjoy :)  (BTW these are all separate poems not one big one.)

Beautiful Cold,
Freezing, Dying, Renewed
Frost, Ice, Sun, Heat
Burning, Blistering, Warming,
Friendly Ablaze.

All night the snow drifts down.
You awake with a smile,
But exchange for a frown.
You prepare for roads hostile.

White, Harsh
Falling, Collecting, Blocking,
A beautiful troublemaker

And of course I couldn't resist trying out the all mighty haiku 

Snow shimmers softly,
Gently it falls to the ground.
Time to go shovel.

Change of direction...

Well I haven't really updated this blog I feel I haven't because it think it seems kind of redundant posting the same things on here that can be found on my website.  I am going to change this blog into a blog about my writings.  I am a writing minor after all :)  I will still be posting illustrations that relate to my poems and stories.

Enjoy your day :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Circus Grandma Maybe Finished For Now

Yay it's done!  Well for now I might go back into it but I like it :)

Circus Grandma

This is a sketch of a final illustration I am working on.  It's in honor of when my grandma grew up in the circus.  She would have been 84 on the 6th RIP.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Here's a pic of a pirate panda I made.  Unfortunately it got damaged.  I am planning to fix it it once this semester is over.  Once it is fixed I'll take a better picture of it.